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Decorative window bars security with fixed or removable window bars & grilles

We have been installing security bars and grilles for over 29 years and our window bars and decorative grilles provide a great visual deterrent to intruders and some systems come with the convenience of removable window bars. We can install a variety of fixed security grilles and bar systems for windows or doors with different designs and colour finishes. If you are looking for good levels of this type of security for your premises at very competitive prices we can help.

Expert Installation of window bars and decorative grilles

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removable bars

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Decorative Window Bars and Grilles

Our Fixed Bars and Decorative Security Window Bars are manufactured for use as a fixed security grille for use in medium to high security applications for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The door and window bars are manufactured from high quality steel and powder coated in white as standard but can be powder coated to your specific colour scheme as an option. Its physical appearance is a good psychological deterrent as well as a physical barrier, popular in many applications, generally on the outside of windows or as a hinged bar gate for entrance doors. As with the removable bars, on taller installations spreader bars are again used to reduce the deflection. Two rows of spreader bars are required on all bar heights above 1500mm.

Each fixed bar can be 16mm round or 20mm square and the manufacturers ISO9001 accreditation for quality management of production will provide you with peace of mind knowing that these are manufactured to the highest specification.

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Removable Security Window Bars

An ideal solution for domestic and commercial applications where removal of the security bars is occasionally required, such as for window cleaning or maintenance. Our removable security window bars are tough powder coated anti-cut steel bars fitted vertically or horizontally supplied in white as standard for internal fitting. These have a unique locking system in place on the inside of windows using strong extruded aluminium retaining units, yet can be released quickly from the inside to allow total vision or maintenance of windows.

Spreader bars are used to reduce the deflection on taller installations and ease removal of the bars. Two rows of spreader bars are required on all bar heights above 1500mm. Each bar consists of a 19mm steel outer tube with free moving 15mm steel inner tube. The bars are locked in place using a high security 10 pin radial camlock with 5 million + key combinations.

They are designed to fit as close as possible to the window frame to avoid any cavity for dust and dirt to collect in. If necessary a series of window bar systems can be keyed alike up to a maximum of 20.

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